Join Hemingways staff on their Cultural Immerions Trips in 2023!

In line with our commitment to remain the biggest Travel Group in Nigeria, we also continuously endevour to deliver meaningful travel experiences to members.  To this end we will be allocating to one young adult of a member family the oportunity to participate in one of our Educational Trips for staff.

This trip will entail a full cultural immersion to an international destination and will be accompanied and guided by at least one of the most senior expatriate members of staff of Hemingways.  For young people it promise to be a singular educational and mindblowing experience.

At Hemingways we are aware that any Travel Asistant should be immersed in the same mind broadening experience that our members go through when they travel interanationally.   Only first hand experience enables our Travel Assistants to assist our international travelers in a meaningful way.

Hemingays Travel Academy has been designed to give our Travel Assistants proficiency in areas of travel which includes:

-          Destination specific knowledge

-          Knowledge of activities at destinations

-          Understanding and using GPS travel apps

-          Finding your way from any drop off point

-          Seemless transfers and managing timelines at airports

-          Cultural comparison

An immersive cultural comparison eperience means that we take a person off the beaten track and introduce him/her to the cuisine, art, theater and activities of the locals at end destinatins.  We encourage staff to have a look below the surface of things.  It is guaranteed to be a mind shifting experience that set participants on a new path of discovery in their lives.

We will communicate the details of the trips through Newsletters to our members.   Qualifying criteria will be different for each trip.  Keep a look out!