A city that never sleeps, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a modern-day melting pot of contrasting cultures and faiths.

Here, towering skyscrapers stand in harmony next to temples and monasteries.

The luxury malls and shopping centres compete with the street bazaars and floating markets.

Cuisines - both Thai and from around the world are showcased in all their glory on the streets as well as in rooftop restaurants.

The nightlife of Bangkok, on the one hand, revolves around flashy nightclubs, rooftop and go-go bars, bright neon light signs and cheap drinks while on the other, it also includes cabaret shows, muay thai and dance exhibitions and even cultural walking tours.

Sites like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew showcase the city's rich history, while the likes of museums such as Art in Paradise and parks such as the Sea Life Ocean World cater to those seeking modern-day experiences.