Hemingway’s Travel Club proudly stands as the largest and most exclusive family vacation club in Western Africa, specializing in international family vacations, especially for Nigerian families.
Hemingways Vision
Our Vision:
At Hemingway’s, we are passionately dedicated to building a dynamic travel community. Our goal is not only to capture the hearts of prestigious international family holiday resorts but also to leverage our size and influence, driving down prices to make exceptional family vacations accessible to all. We firmly believe that these journeys have the unparalleled power to transform lives through immersive cultural experiences. Our ultimate aim is to foster unforgettable memories, create stronger family bonds, and make the world a smaller, more interconnected place, one family vacation at a time.
Our Members:
At Hemingway’s Travel Club, our members are a diverse group of individuals who share common interests and values. They stand out for their discerning tastes as well as the value of incorporating an annual family vacation into their lifestyle. We uphold a robust Code of Conduct, which not only fosters a sense of community but also guarantees smooth access to our coveted international destinations.
Membership Benefits:
Our basic membership categories extend a warm invitation to our members, offering them exclusive access to our esteemed international family holiday resort affiliate. This unlocks a treasure trove of family-oriented resorts scattered across the globe.
Moreover, we are here to guide families, especially those new to the world of annual international family vacations, ensuring their journeys are as seamless as they possibly can be, especially as a Nigerian family.

Behi Points

Loyalty Rewards Programme:
Dedicated members who actively contribute to our community by enlisting new members are rewarded generously. They enjoy complimentary flights and substantial discounts on our packaged family vacations.

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Family-Oriented Experiences:
For our members' children, we periodically organize fully guided cultural immersion trips, creating memorable educational experiences and unforgettable international family vacations.
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Exclusive Membership:
Membership in Hemingway’s Travel Club is granted on a vetted basis and is exclusively by invitation only.

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Hemingways Logo 2a