Hemingway’s Travel Club is the single largest exclusive travel grouping in Western Africa.

The vision of Hemingways is to create a travel group that is noticed by international destinations shearly for its size and ability to push prices down.

Members are from likeminded backgrounds and are acknowledged for distinguishing themselves from unsophisticated and demanding travelers from this continent. High Code of Conduct standards makes for easy access to our international destinations.

Basic membership categories allow members to be enlisted in the exchange programs of our international partners with access to thousands of mostly family orientated resorts.

Members that participate in our Ambassador Program where their activities result in more members enlisting, are rewarded with free flights and heavily reduced prices for packaged holidays.

Fully guided cultural immersion trips are offered from time to time for members children.

Membership is on a vetted basis and on invitation only

Hemingways Logo 2a

Hemingways Logo 2a